In Community

Community Transformation through Relational Enrichment

Contemporary research from various global institutions and commissions continues to highlight the imperative of Caring Community as:

  • Fundamental to civil society
  • Developing qualities such as integrity, dependability, generosity, and empathy
  • Declining physical, emotional, and mental health are correlated with increased loneliness
  • Community issues such as poverty, crime, violence, addictions, and gangs are seen through the prism of fragmented relationships
  • School concerns related to poor performance, behavioral problems and dropouts have connections to relational skill development at school and at home
  • Relational skills such as conflict resolution and mentoring, vulnerability and accountability are identifiable as essential to workplace and business effectiveness

Research studies have stated, "We are each hard-wired to connect, and without caring connection, bad things tend to happen."

Business and Community Leaders Partnering Together

Transformation happens when we strengthen community connections for sustained transformation and health, by helping people develop a life and growth plan to:
  • Address short-term crisis needs to restore a stable platform for growth and change
  • Cultivate healthy relationships by strengthening family and community support systems
  • Restore hope through relational security and support with mentoring and leadership development

What might that look like? We believe amazing things happen when individuals, families, businesses and community leaders live out a heart of giving without any expectation of receiving. 
Watch this story of a young boy who began his Giving First legacy. 

Businesses Giving First

Here's what giving first in the Community might look like when businesses and community leaders partner together.
These relational leaders are taking thought of the homeless population of Austin, Texas. These leaders don't have to, they aren't expected to, and they aren't expecting to receive anything in return. And yet the smiles on these faces tell us there can be amazing impact from a commitment to Give First!