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Business as Unusual

A set  of customized curriculum and relational training with a focus on:

"The cornerstone of a continuing relationship is a sense of attachment between customer and brand. And the single greatest opportunity to increase customer loyalty in a meaningful way lies with the people who touch the customer."     - Gallup

“When a brand (company) inspires both rational loyalty and emotional attachment, customers will continually reward it with their business.”     - Alec Applebaum, The Gallup Management Journal 2001

With over 20 years of proven effectiveness, companies who have embraced a Business as Unusual (BAU) lifestyle have experienced cultural change and increased profitability.  All BAU training and curriculum is provided by the Center for Relational Leadership.

Impacting Business through Empowered Relationships

It may be tough to admit in the workplace, but people need more than what you’re selling. Customers not only need a particular resource or service, they actually need relational connection. Business as Unusual equips leaders in how to know and meet relationship needs which actually increases customer loyalty and makes a positive impact on employee performance. When you put people first, profits don’t become the only priority. That is: Business as Unusual. 
Here's one company who takes pride in their commitment to profitability, but also a commitment to putting people first. Watch this video and learn how McCoy’s is the ultimate example of what is means to live out Business As Unusual.

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