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Student Motivation

There once was a day when the why (or motivation) for learning was seemingly simple:  Stay in school, get an education, make good grades, find a job, make a good salary, pay your own way, etc.

However, our changing global and wired world is rapidly undermining this motivation to learn.  It's not enough motivation - just because you're supposed to learn.  Next generations around the world are asking, "Is this all there is to life?" and are wanting - sometimes demanding - a different motivation...a different why:
  • Wanting to make a difference in their world
  • Wanting their lives to count for something
  • Wanting to join in a larger cause
  • Wanting to leave their world a better place

Legacy Leadership

Legacy Leadership is designed for college courses to help students see leadership through purpose driven performance. Students will explore various critical topics like: how connecting with others provides purpose; how compassion instills purpose; how giving to others provides purpose; how meeting the needs of others enables purpose.

Student Legacy

But we'll not be talking about your inheritance, reputation or heritage at your death - we'll be challenging students with their short term legacy, their student legacy:
  • What will you leave behind when you leave High School?
  • How do you make the most of these few short years?
  • What goals this year and the next and the next would mean that you had made a difference here?
  • What higher purposes might you discover that make learning more enjoyable and life more fulfilling?
"Schools could make a tremendous contribution if they had a ‘curriculum for caring.’ A regular part of the curriculum beginning in the elementary grades should be learning about caring by actually giving care under adult supervision… I believe that a curriculum for caring should be one of the basics."
– Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner, Cornell 

Legacy Academics

Legacy Academics is designed for high school courses to help students see life meaning in connecting with others. Students will: experience investing in others life meaning and legacy; encounter and experiencing gratitude by investing in others and receiving care; understand life meaning is found in receiving and sharing life story together. 
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