Celebrate the Differences

Couples who have the strongest marriages are intentional about their time spent together. They make an effort to deepen their connection.

Here’s an idea to strengthen the relationship with your spouse: Spend a few special moments celebrating the uniqueness that each of you brings to the relationship.

Celebrate your differences in 3 easy steps:
  1. Think back to your dating experiences or the early years of your relationship. What was one of the first differences that you noticed between you and your partner? Did you discover that one of you was more punctual, more concerned about keeping things neat and orderly, more talkative or more introverted than the other?
    Make this a fun conversation, where you celebrate the early discoveries of your relationship.
    Remember when we discovered that we were different in…

  2. Now, talk on a little deeper level, but still with celebration as your goal. Celebrate how each of you, have in some way, been prompted to accept your partner and love them “anyway”. Celebrate how amazing it can be when partners give acceptance.
    Your celebrations might start out like these: We both know that I am different from you and yet you choose to love me. I am grateful that you love me “anyway” because…

  3.  In love that lasts, couples give one another the freedom to be themselves without pressure to change or fear of rejection. So take the next few moments to share these words with your partner:
    I want you to be real with me because…
    I want to reassure you that you can be yourself because…

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just met an important relational need for your partner. It's the need for Acceptance!
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