Giving: The Best Gift This Christmas

It’s hard to imagine that giving could ever be better than receiving, but this mysterious perspective really works: “Give and it will be given to you.” This principle doesn’t seem to make sense, but living it out produces amazing blessing. 

Here’s how it works.
  • If you give forgiveness, you will receive forgiveness.
  • If you judge others, you will be judged yourself.
  • If you give love, you will receive love.
  • If you give friendship, you will receive it!

There is a great deal to celebrate in these boomerang blessings. Bottom line: We reap good things when we give to others.

Let’s apply these principles to the relational needs in your life. 
There will inevitably be times when friends, family, and other people let you down or miss your relational needs. At times, we can all benefit from receiving more of certain needs in our relationships. What needs might be missing for you?
  • At this point in my life, I need more _____.
(comfort, support, compassion, friendship, security, acceptance, attention, affection, etc.)
  • It would be helpful or important for me to receive _____ during this time in my life because _____.
(For example: It would be important for me to receive encouragement during this time in my life because of my parents’ declining health.)

Now look for opportunities to give—yes, give—to others the same thing you hope to receive.
  • Do you need acceptance? Look for opportunities to accept others who are feeling left out or excluded.
  • Has your need for comfort been neglected? Begin to give caring compassion to others who are hurting.
  • Are you missing some encouragement? Begin to encourage others who are weary or overwhelmed in their struggle.
  • Do you need support? Offer your support to those who also find themselves in the midst of trouble.

Whatever it is that you need—give it to others!

REMEMBER: Our focus on giving does not disqualify us from receiving. Rather, it positions us to gratefully receive in other meaningful relationships. Still not convinced? Think about this way: When someone goes out of their way to help you, encourage you or give you support, doesn’t it prompt such gratitude in you that you want to do the same? Your focus on giving without expectation of return, simply begins the circle of gratitude.

This Christmas season look for opportunities to give in your relationships. Wait and watch as your heart becomes full. Give and it will be given to you!

Great Commandment

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