Marriage Staff Meetings (part 2)

In healthy marriages, couples make it a priority to have regular times of meaningful conversation. Some couples call this time their “Marriage Staff Meeting.” If you haven’t read our first blog about Marriage Staff Meetings, check it out here!

If you have been doing your staff meetings for a while, maybe it’s time to take them a step deeper. The next time you have a Marriage Staff Meeting, use these questions as a catalyst for good conversation.
  • If you were to describe your marriage (at this time) with one word, what would it be?
    What word do you think your spouse would use to describe your marriage? Take turns sharing responses.
  • What strengths do you see in your spouse? Have you ever verbalized your awareness of these strengths and shown appreciation for them? Share your thoughts at your next meeting.
  • What does your spouse do that makes you feel loved or of value? Talk about a time you felt especially loved by your partner. Savor the memory!
  • What could you do to further strengthen your marriage? Ask your partner for their input and welcome the response.
  • What do you feel is a growth area for your marriage? In what ways could you offer added strength and needed change? Start the conversation with words like, “I would love to see more __________ in our relationship. So, could we . . .?”
  • What efforts do you see your spouse making? Have you expressed gratefulness? Share words like these: “I was reminded of how grateful I am for you and for our relationship. I especially felt that when you . . . “
  • What are your present goals for your marriage? What are you going to do to reach these goals? What can you do differently that will enable you to reach them? Here are some suggestions for what your response might include:
    • I will show more interest in my spouse’s activities, work or interests by asking questions and initiating more conversation.
    • I will spend more time thinking about positive factors in my marriage relationship and express more gratitude to my spouse and to other people.
    • I will also look for ways to grow in my calling to love my partner—becoming more and more of the person my spouse wants and needs me to be.
    • I will take time to pray for and with my family, especially my spouse.
Remember: Marriages thrive when couples take intentional, consistent steps to strengthen their relationship. Marriage staff meetings are a practical way to accomplish this goal!
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