Things Dedication Day

During your next family night, try this project…

In our society, one of the pressures most families face is materialism. Teenagers insisting on just the right labels on clothing, kids throwing temper tantrums over the latest toys, adults yielding to the pressure of “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Obviously, materialism is deceptive. We think all these “things” will make us happy, but they will not. How do you deal with materialism in your family?
  • Discuss the idea that people are more important than possessions; relationships are more important than things.
  • Next, ask each family member to go get two of their favorite possessions (child’s favorite toy, stuffed animal, or game; a teenager’s favorite album, shoes, or his/her car keys; a mom’s favorite necklace, antique, or purse; a dad’s favorite guitar, golf club, or computer.
  • When you are back together, discuss the fact that all our
  • favorite “things” won’t last forever. Re-emphasize the eternal aspect of relationships as you consider the probing question, “What should be the focus of our lives?”

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