New Parenting Goal: A Legacy of Intimacy

As a parent, begin the journey toward a new goal — developing a legacy of intimacy! Avoid being overly busy. Reevaluate the emphasis placed on acquiring more things. Determine to begin sharing your life with family members. Dream of your children being able to reflect back on their growing up years saying, “I know my parents loved me…”
  • Through the undivided attention they gave me
  • Through their patient listening to my hurts and fears
  • Through their examples of how they live life
  • Through their empathy and openness as we shared feelings
  • Through their trust of my decisions and plans
  • Through the common interests and fun we shared
  • Through their verbalized appreciation and love
  • Through their openness to touch, hug, and reassure with their presence
  • Through their example of a grateful heart

Parenting with Intimacy Self Assessment

Answer the following questions with a "Yes" or a "No"
_____       _____ :I spend regular, quality, uninterrupted time alone with my spouse at least once a week, (if married).
_____       _____ :I spend regular, quality, uninterrupted time alone with my children at least once a week.
_____       _____ :My spouse and children truly know me. I share with them my feelings and concerns.
_____       _____ :I often use my free time to “enter into my family’s world” and do what they want to do.
_____       _____ :I keep up with and give priority to family birthdays and other special occasions.
_____       _____ :I’m approachable to my spouse and family. They are not hesitant to vulnerably share their feelings or to approach me when I’ve offended them.
_____       _____ :My checkbook, career commitments, TV, and reading habits reflect my love and devotion to my family.
_____       _____ :I know who my children’s friends are, what they’re doing in school, and the stresses they are under.

Now, choose one of the areas you would like to grow in. Brainstorm next steps and ideas with your spouse and/or enlist the help of a parent who is already doing this with some success. The encouragement and examples of others is important for positive change.
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